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Charles Ginsberg

Estate Settlement

The estate of a decedent requires the due process of estate settlement. There are many stages involved in this process, each of them is essential for the settlement procedure. Firstly, the total estate is located and its present value is assessed. With this step, the property left behind by a decedent is easily determined. After a property assessment has taken place, all outstanding debts are paid by the executor mentioned in the will or by an administrator in the case of intestacy, meaning there was no will. Some of the estate may be liquefied in order to pay the debts if necessary. After this has been settled, taxes are then deducted from the estate that remains.

The final step in estate settlement is bestowing what is left of the inheritance on to the claimants or beneficiaries according to the provisions made by the probate court. Since its establishment in 1963, Jaisan Recovery Corporation has been working closely with clients on issues pertaining to estate settlement. Our office in New York is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals with access to resources required for completing tasks assigned to them promptly. Numerous clients of ours have been helped with matters relating to their estate, hence we feel satisfied with what we do.