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Lives Touched; Puzzles Solved

Happy Waitress Special

When we contacted a 76-year-old waitress in Hartford, Connecticut, she was skeptical and warned us that it was no use trying to con her because she had never had more than $1,000 in the bank at one time. Orphaned at the age of three and separated from her family, she had worked hard her entire life, not knowing that an uncle had been setting aside some money for his old age. When her uncle died at 94, Jaisan was able to locate her, and recover an $80,000 inheritance on her behalf. The woman was so delighted, she quit her job and retired to Florida. We get cards from her every year, saying: "God bless you."


The Family Recluse

One family included six siblings, all of whom had lived in the New York City area. One sister deliberately severed communication with her siblings, becoming a recluse. As the siblings retired to warmer climates, all contact was lost with this sister, although the other five remained close. It was thought that she had become a "bag lady." When the woman died, the siblings were located after laborious research due to their very common surname. After Jaisan contacted her siblings, they were able to resolve their feelings of sadness about their sister by visiting the comfortable residential hotel where she had lived and died. They met with the hotel staff, who were able to reassure the family that their sister, though keeping largely to herself, had always been adequately dressed, fed, and sheltered.


Struggling Artist

After an arduous search that criss-crossed the United States, Jaisan discovered the sole heir to an inheritance living in New York's Greenwich Village, only a matter of blocks from our office. The young man was a struggling artist with a wife and baby. When asked how much he thought he might inherit, he guessed, "Maybe $5,000?" When he was told the amount was $250,000, he replied, "From rags to riches."

irish woman

Back From The Dead

Jaisan's research on one case in Ireland located two first cousins, aged 93 and 97, who lived in different counties, and who had known each other as children. They had lost touch with each other and each thought the other had died. Jaisan was able to reunite these two nonagenarians who were delighted with the renewed contact. In addition they were happy to transfer over one million dollars to their children in their long lifetime.


Eager To Travel

The 91-year-old aunt of a reportedly "odd" niece who had died, told us she wanted to take a trip back to her native Sweden. She couldn't bring herself to use her savings for that purpose so she urged us to hurry up so she could take the trip on her "found money."


A Monument To The Past

When Jaisan's research disclosed to the current generations of family members that 14 of their immigrant forebears were interred in one, unmarked grave site, the heirs used a portion of their inheritance to erect a monument to their grandparents, aunts and uncles for having the courage and foresight to cross the ocean and come to America.


Charity Begins at Home

One of the heirs-at-law Jaisan located refused to accept money from a relative who had died without a will, because the two family members had quarreled bitterly years earlier. The heir did, however, take great pleasure in assigning her share, amounting to $350,000, to the religious organization that had been the source of the falling out.


Just In Time

Jaisan located one heir-at-law, an elderly woman living in a nursing home, just at the time when she had exhausted her assets and was scheduled to be moved to the county home. Her new-found inheritance allowed her to live out her life in the original nursing home, surrounded by the friends she had made over the years.

Wealthy Miser

The Wealthy Miser

One man's neighbors reported that he subsisted on cat food. During the winter, they collected money and bought him a warm coat. When he died, the kindly neighbors were astounded and outraged to learn that the miserly man had amassed $850,000 in bank accounts under some forty different names, a fact which Jaisan uncovered. The money was distributed to his heirs-at-law.