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Missing Heirs

Due to various reasons such as relocating to another area or country, losing touch with relatives etc., there are cases of missing heirs whereby the inheritors of a decedentís property are absent and need to be found. Tracing the missing heirs sometimes requires extensive research by probate genealogists whose job it is to track down the whereabouts of the beneficiaries no matter where they are through advance methods. The Jaisan Recovery Corporation has the requisite resources at its disposal to get the job done promptly. Our network of correspondents can be found worldwide and specialize in locating missing heirs or their descendants.

Once a supposed heir has been traced, the probate court in charge of these matters makes decisions based on the genealogical evidences as well as other documents, papers and testimonies presented by our team of experts. All expenses involved during this process as well as expenditures incurred during the preceding investigations are borne by our company. We only accept payment when the heir to a property has been found, established legitimately through the due process of law and finally given his inheritance. Through our work, countless missing heirs have been tracked down and their respective properties passed on to them. So contact JaisanRecovery Corporation for issues related to estate and inheritance.