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Charles Ginsberg

Probate Genealogy

It is common knowledge that all assets of a person are passed on to beneficiaries after death. Sometimes, itís not easy locating these recipients. Thatís where the field of probate genealogy comes in. Probate genealogists go through wills if available to determine who the potential heirs are. In case there is no will, then by law, those who are supposed to inherit the estate are named beneficiaries and accordingly the inheritance is bestowed upon them after outstanding debts and taxes have been cleared. Occasionally, some or all of the heirs to an estate cannot be traced or contacted due to various reasons such as migration, death etc. Probate genealogists is then required to track down all these individuals.

Jaisan Recovery Corporation Provides probate genealogy services for tracking missing heirs or their surviving descendants in case the heir to an estate passed away. The genealogists that work for us are well qualified and experienced in this particular field of probate genealogy. They go through databases, old letters, family albums, birth, marriage and death certificates as well as other records meticulously in order to trace all beneficiaries. The complex nature of locating the whereabouts of heirs who sometimes live in other countries or are no longer alive requires experts that can work swiftly to ensure that all heirs receive what they are entitled to.